It's time to act NOW

Act NOW is here to help public and private decision makers understand the enormous saving impact that high energy efficient solutions can make.

By bringing together politicians, NGO’s, companies and employees we aim to raise awareness of the actions we can take right now to reduce energy consumptions.

If we want to make a difference we have to join forces. We have to step outside the closed discussion forums and share our ideas openly.

We have to learn from each other and put into practice the solutions that can make a difference.

We have to start acting NOW

Join a unique partnership for action


Act NOW is an action-oriented partnership platform for businesses, NGOs and public institutions

Join a unique partnership for action - committed to financial and environmental results worldwide

Our partners influence and inspire decision-makers by promoting energy-efficient cases and solutions. We invite you to meet our existing stakeholders and join our growing group of action-ready commercial partners.


The simple fact that one thing often leads to another is very true when it comes to Act NOW in meeting foreign delegations, in participating in conferences and in representing our members at exebitions.


Regular events where an exclusive group of people gather to discuss a specific theme is an efficient way to exchange points of view and establish an action-oriented partnership.

Act NOW creates new opportunities for members and stakeholders.

”There really is no plan B for climate change.
There is only plan A: collective action to reduce emissions now.”
- Connie Hedegaard

Act NOW partners