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In our project we have been screening danish companies. Joined new partnerships and found a joint platform for all our knowledge to be used for business, education and a sustainable future.

We gater the contents and share it. The show must go on – that’s why we partner up with ClimateZirkus and invite our business and partners into the Zirkus

In ClimateZircus-Building Worksnop there is always a serious and deeper thought to the madness and the fun – as in a real Cirkus. Here you can create a new climate story, develop your business – and hopefully make sense of the Zirkus …


16. december 2016

Rejseholdet besøger Junkers Industries A/S

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April 2017

Rejseholdet besøger Hvidovre Gymnasium

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31. august 2017

Rejseholdet besøger Industriens Hus i København

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15. september 2017

Rejseholdet besøger A. P. Møllerskolen i Slesvig

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Act NOW identifies potential businesses in the field of sustainable technologies


Companies that can join new networks and deliver sustainable products, services and solutions. Until April 2017 we screen 10 selected rural municipalities in Denmark for companies that will benefit to a larger and broader network in Denmark and which may have the potential to become suppliers to the international market. The project is supported by the former Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter.

There exists in all regions of Denmark SMEs with a large potential in the market for sustainable technologies, services and solutions. By being suppliers to larger companies, but also to conquer markets with own products. Many of these companies are not resourceful in being present in the network where such solutions are presented, which challenges the companies and their competitiveness which again leads to the harm of the climate, but also jeopardizes the possibilities for employment in the rural municipalities.

Therefore, Act NOW has started a project with the aim of identifying potential companies in sustainable technology. We expect as a result of the project that the business in Denmark and partly abroad are aware of the many good solutions, large and small Danish companies can provide.

Through the project from April 2015 to April 2017, we will, among other things:

  • Make a ‘screening’ of companies of this character in selected peripheral/rural municipalities in Denmark
  • Connect the found and relevant companies in an online network with descriptions of the companies and their services / products
  • Presenting companies for other technology companies in Denmark and abroad
  • Arrange an exhibition conference midway through the project, where all companies have the opportunity to meet physically
  • Assist in follow-up opportunities for cooperation between the companies in the course of the project will find potentials for internal or new partnerships
  • Communicate the current cases and demonstrate that innovative companies can create good business and growth based in remote areas, leading to creation of jobs locally, but also to help to make the local community more sustainable
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