EXPO 2020

Initial meeting between interested parties.




  • Lene Grønning, ActNOW by Grundfos
  • Peter Claudell, KlimaZirkus
  • Søren Peter Dalby Andersen, Astra
  • Christian Nielsen, KlimaZirkus
  • Jeppe Falck, Dansk Industri
  • Agnes Conradi, Universe Science Park
  • Erik Bygum, VIA University
  • Lotte Thøgersen, VIA University
  • Konstantin Lassithiotakis, VIA University
  • Steen Christensen, Erhvervsstyrelsen
  • Signe Flege, Erhvervsstyrelsen
  • Majken Kalhave, State of Green
  • Pelle Lind Bournonville, Realdania
  • Anna Henrichsen, Danfoss
  • Sarah Katz, Rambøll
  • Malte Vermehren Eggers, Hempel
  • Mariana Contreras Kristensen, Hempel
  • George Morrison, Arla Foods
  • Frederik Petersen, LEGO (on Skype)


EXPO 2020


  • The EXPO 2020 represents a larger opportunity for Denmark than the EXPO itself, i.e.:
  • Ensuring that Danish solutions and products are used to build the EXPO site in the coming years
  • Profiling Denmark as a country with sustainable solutions and innovative educational practises
  • Providing Danish public and private organisations with an exhibition platform based on collaborative education to be used before and after the EXPO
  • Although the EXPO received the Danish letter informing the decision not to participate, local lobbying has ensured that we still have a window of opportunity to participate. An informal communication mentioning that Denmark is still considering participation would help immensely in securing opportunities of Danish companies at the EXPO site and ensuring that there is a space for Denmark if the country decides to participate.
  • EXPO 2020 has put particular emphasis on education and youth, and has set up an organisation to mobilise youth, schools, and universities around the world; and in particular South Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
  • 60.000 visitors a day are expected, and 25 million visitors in all, whereof only 5 million are from the UAE, making it one of the most international EXPOs on record. The EXPO will ensure low costs fares and accommodations for participants from countries that are not usually able to attend an EXPO; ensuring diversity.
  • The world’s largest airport is being built, as well as hundreds of new hotels and connected infrastructure.




  • KlimaZirkus is ready to start working on the first containers.
  • Hvidovre municipality has allocated space for this next to Lanhøjskolen, whose pupils are available for populating and testing the containers in practice.
  • VIA University will be able to support the project in terms of both in terms of developing the methods and processes that will be used at the EXPO, but also by making their students ready for manning the EXPO pavilion.
  • The pavilion still needs to be developed in more detail, but the basic concept is there. It is planned to be self-sustainable (off the electricity grid), and the containers are planned to be interchangeable allowing for a rotation of concepts and themes.
  • Universe Science Park has offered to host and test the containers, both before and after the EXPO, as well as provide courses for the students of VIA University in how to activate visitors at an exhibition.
  • ActNOW has strong contact with the EXPO organisation, and ensures that they are aware that Denmark Is still working on joining the EXPO, as well as keeps a close link to their Youth Connect programme and the School & University programme who will be key for the proposed concept.
  • Danish Green Hub Dubai is placed 1 metro station away from the EXPO site and will be able to host Business to Business and Business to Government meetings and events.


Resilience and legacy


  • The concept is not reliant on EXPO 2020, and can be used for other purposes
  • The containers can be used on their own or together as a group
  • The build-up and development of the activities and projects in the containers is intended to be done all over Denmark in connection with local schools.


Financing for EXPO 2020


  • The Danish government has included EXPO 2020 in the current round of negotiations. The proposal is for DKK 50 million, whereof 50% are covered by public funds. The remaining will be covered by private companies and foundations.
  • If approved by parliament, the Danish participation to EXPO 2020 will go out to tender. The tender process is expected to take 2-3 months, and the winner of the tender is likely to be announced in March 2018 at the latest.
  • Placing this concept in a Danish pavilion at the EXPO is the preferred solution for all parties. However, if the proposal falls out of the negotiations or another party wins the tender, the containers can still be used during the EXPO, but at a different site, e.g. next to Danish Green Hub Dubai.


Next steps


  • The first versions of the containers will be built in the coming months at the site in Hvidovre municipality.
  • The Companies will develop their own participation in the containers, and are encouraged to start collaborating with KlimaZirkus, VIA, and Universe in the development.
  • The next meeting will be held in October (venue and date to be confirmed) where we will present progress and give the opportunity for all parties to better determine their role and contribution to the concept.
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